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The Museum Wants to Save the Past by Acquiring It!

The International Model Car Builders' Museum is interested acquiring a wide array of historical items to chronicle and identify the history of the model car hobby. Naturally, the Museum would like these items to be donated. Frankly, there is no money to pay for these items; in the past, dedicated hobbyists have substantially contributed to the permanent collection. and we hope that could continue. This list will be updated in each future issue of The Builder, so please check your spare items.

Section One. Auto-World related items.
We are looking for all AW Custom Club News publications as well as the following items (where appropriate, excellent photocopies are welcomed!) Additionally, we are looking for the following AW items: Auto World advertised special instructions in its early-to-mid Sixties Catalogs for the following models:

    #S8062 "BobTailed Cat"
    #2277 "Kropp's Playboy"
    #136 "The Hot Canary"
    #2232 "The Wild One"
    #149 "The Fordillac"
    #2405 Smitty's 39 Ford Pickup

Also need one of the Ed Roth Auto World T-Shirts, and samples of the Ed Roth-designed decal for Auto World.


  • Auto World Lighting Kit
  • Auto World Trophy Hinge kit
  • Auto World Concealed Auto Hinges
  • Original Monte decals found on page 86 of 1968-1/2 Auto World Catalog
  • Book "Plastic Model Cars" by Cecil Gibson
  • Car Club Plates
  • Pactra Aero Gloss Wax and Smitty's Special Gloss Rubbing Compound.
  • "Roth's Million $$$ Show Car Display" and the Autorama Turntable.
  • We are also looking for the so-called "Show Off Display Platform Kit" found on page 66 of the 1963 AW catalog,
  • All original decals by Monte
  • and Auto Tape Customizing Kit
  • All AutoWorld Auto Tapes, and other items also needed!

Section Two: Vintage Paints, Glues and Putties
We are desperately looking for a complete set of all versions of the vintage AMT spray lacquers. Particularly, we are looking for the following:

  • PM2 (Met. Red)
  • PM4 (Met. Blue)
  • PM5 (Met. Bronze)
  • PM6 (Met. Grey)
  • PS2 (Red)
  • PS4 (Blue)
  • PS6 (Primer)
  • PS7 (Yellow)
  • PS8 (Gloss Black)
  • PS9 (Gloss Clear)
  • PT1 (Kandy Gold)
  • PT2 (Kandy Red)
  • PT3 (Kandy Green).

We are also looking for vintage Pactra Spray "Namel:

  • S23 (Candy Apple Red)
  • S28 (Candy Apple Gold)
  • S29 (Candy Parisian Green)
  • S30 (Candy Oriental Purple)
  • S31 (Candy Sapphire Blue)
  • S32 (Candy Tahitian Orange)
  • S33 (Candy Goldtone Undercoat)

We are also looking for mint original tubes of vintage AMT Body Putty, Contour Body Putty and Pactra Body Putty. Tubes must be unused, with mint markings. It would be great to find a still-soft tube of AMT putty.

We are also looking for vintage Revell and other types of tube and bottle glue.

We are searching for small bottles of paint, particularly the very early, small rectangular Pactra and Testors paint from the Fifties (including original packaging). Additionally, we are looking for a full set of the wonderful Ed Roth colors from the early Sixties.

Section Three: Parts Packs
We are looking for a full set of the Aurora, AMT, Ulrich, Monte and Revell (both the Sixties and Seventies versions) for the Museum. These would include the upholstery, engine, chassis, and drag racing. Packs should be complete in original packing.

Section Four: Vintage Upholstery Sets
We are also looking for Monte Upholstery sets:

  • Red with white pearl
  • Pearl white with red
  • Black with White Pearl
  • Pearl White with black
  • Green and White Pearl
  • Pearl white and Green
  • Blue with Pearl White
  • Pearl White with Blue
  • Gold with White Pearl
  • Pearl White with Gold
  • Tangerine with Pearl White
  • Pearl White with Tangerine

We are also looking for Ulrich Upholstery Sets:

  • G1 (Green)
  • R1 (Red)
  • Y1 (Yellow)
  • B1 (Blue)

And how about the "Weirdsville" upholstery sets?  Additionally, we are looking for all other upholstery kits including Revell paks.

Section Five: Unbuilt Kits
These models will be built using only vintage supplies and techniques and placed on display as a tribute to vintage building styles. Good boxes are desired, but complete kits are essential:


Styline Kits:

  • (S-121 Ford Galaxie
  • S1031 Ranchero
  • S-221 Thunderbird
  • S-8022 Valiant
  • S-7052 Corvair
  • 57 Ford T-157 (original "Styline"-like kit only)
  • The "Man From UNCLE"
  • "Fireball 500"
  • Sonny & Cher Mustangs
  • XR-7
  • Surf Woody
  • Original issue Dodge Deora
  • Original issue Ala-Kart
  • 1961-63 Lincoln Continental


  • PC-108 Starbird's "Futurista"
  • PC- 89 58 T-Bird (with Starbird customizing parts only)
  • Original 55 Chevy (with Starbird customizing parts only)
  • Original Predicta with pearl red/metallic plastic


  • Turbo Shark
  • Astro Vette
  • Charger III
  • Daytona Transport Truck
  • Cosma Ray
  • Mannix Roadster
  • the Californian (Harry Bradley designed model)


  • Original 55, 56 and 57 Chevies in first issue boxes.

Section Six: Spare Parts
Odd as it might sound, we are also looking for spare, stock,custom, hot rod and competition parts left over from kits that modelers have completed in the last 40 years. We desperately need these parts to restore Museum cars and to eventually create a display of vintage parts. We will take large boxes of unattached parts or individual items.

Needed Publications

As part of our effort to sleeve the thousands of magazines that we have in the Museum, Trustee John Dino has personally examined each one of the thousands of magazines in the Museum. John has determined that the Museum needs to acquire missing issues and upgrade others for suitable scanning (we need to digitalize only the best-available copies, after all). Please look through your collection and see if you can donate any one of the following magazines:

Car Model:

  • 1964: April, July
  • 1965: January, April 
  • 1967: July, September
  • 1968: March, April, May, September, November
  • 1969: July, August, September, October, November
  • 1970: February, March, June, September, October, November
  • 1972: March, June through December
  • 1973: March (Volume 11, #8), May through August
  • 1974: August through end of publication

IAAM Bulletins

  • February 1955
  • March-April 1956
  • September-October 1958
  • November-December 1958
  • March-April 1960
  • July-August 1960
  • September-October 1960
  • November-December 1960
  • January-February 1961
  • March-April 1961
  • May-June 1961
  • September-October 1961
  • March-April 1963
  • May-June 1963
  • September-October 1963
  • November-December 1963

International Modeler

1973: All

    January through March, Aug, Sept., Dec


Meccano Magazine:

    All but April 1968

Miniature Truck News

    Volume 3, #4 to end of publication

Please search your collection to see if you can help the Museum achieve it's goal of acquiring a full array of historic items for the collection!

Please contact the museum or send donations to:

    The International Model Car Builders' Museum
    10271 South 1300 East
    PMB 131
    Sandy, Utah 84094 


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