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After a lot of repairs to the walls, Trustees Mike Barlow and Mark Brown painted the facility. Trustee Brian Dees – who acted as the project manager for the extensive renovations – acquired many gallons of high quality paint. Here, Mike is applying the first of a couple of primer coats necessary to cover up the khaki-green paint from the prior tenant.


After painting, cleaning the real tile floor, hanging a new blind, and carrying the bookshelves, books and magazines to the new space, here's an early view of the new library. Check out the central writing space, the computer, and very hospitable area.  One filing cabinet (on the far right) hasn't been moved to its new space. This library hosts thousands of vintage model car magazines, books, club newsletters, and historic binders.


This view is about 90 degrees rotated to the right of the preceding picture. Recently acquired magazines and other items sit on the central desk. Now, event plaques and other bits of memorabilia hang on the walls. GSL and other visitors will be able to enjoy this great new library space.


More recently, Museum Trustee Mark Brown has undertaken the task of cleaning up the floor in out new "back room" meeting space. The building was constructed about 25 years ago, and a number of quite-abusive tenants have occupied the space including a custom motorcycle painter and a wood shop. Needless to say, Mark Brown has spent many hours scrapping and cleaning the large room that hosted a Bob Paeth demonstration at GSL-XXI (2007).


The floor had to be scraped, leveled with quick-set grout and cleaned thoroughly. This is our conference room table donated several years ago.


Because of the poor quality of the floor, a thick catalyzed primer needed to be applied.  After this, the top coat (a deep grey brown) will be applied that will have a textured appearance. 


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