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Last year, Mark S. Gustavson I received a note from John Noack who had just been contacted by Jaguar USA.  Jag had sent John a note asking whom he might recommend to repair a damaged quarter-scale Jaguar F-1 model that had been badly banged up on its transit from Aspect Modelmaking in Great Britain. (    Apparently, the common carrier had punctured the wood shipping box with a forklift at some point in its journey.   As a result of the careless treatment, the front and rear wings had been broken and separated and when that happened, other suspension structural pieces had been broken and twisted off the model.  Additionally, the seat and steering wheel assembly were knocked loose.  In short, the magnificent work of Aspect Modelmaking had been badly damaged.

John forwardedMark the note from Deborah Sandford, and I contacted Debbie to offer the services of the National Model Car Builders' Museum in repairing the model.  A deal was struck and the model was shipped to the Museum.  At the same time, the craftsmen at Aspect Modelmaking made new front and rear spoilers, painted and decaled the same, and sent those items along with an envelope of current sponsor decals the Museum.  The Museum will be paid a fee for the repair work.

Work has just started on this great project.  Check out the accompanying photos. 

Many thanks to John Noack for thinking about the Museum.  We are honored by the referral, and thanks to Jaguar USA for entrusting this magnificent model to us for repair.








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