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Rick Morgan's Revell-Testor II winning dragster

Mark S. Gustavson received a fax at his office from "R.W. Morgan" in early September that described this fellow's recollections of Dave Shuklis. Even though it was ambiguous, Mark responded to the fax, acknowledged the great note (see text below), and asked if the sender was the "Rich Morgan" who won the first Revell-Testor contest in 1965. Amazingly, the sender was THAT Morgan. Rick didn't know that he was as well known as he is among model car cognoscenti. He also revealed that his winning model from the Clone the Past chart still exists and that Rick also said that he would find it, clean it up and lend it to the Museum on an indefinite loan basis. The Museum will be back in touch with Rick very soon – he's already a member! Tim Pentecost – who has signed up to replicate Rick's incredible scale dragster has decided to go ahead with his replica of Morgan's dragster. More on this by the end of 2007! Welcome back to the hobby, Rick!

You might enjoy these photos of Tim's early work on replicating the Morgan dragster:


Tim has replicated the front axle/suspension set up in brass and copper. As you can see, the work is not only precise, but first rate in craftsmanship.


The custom-built frame, meant to match Morgan's great work, has been prepared in Tim's workshop.


Using old parts-pack body parts, this early-stage body has been roughed in.


 Here is the famed Rich Morgan dragster that won the Revell-Testor I top award. 

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