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The Museum wants to be the clearing house for international model car activities so we can bring world-wide attention to the activities of builders in many nations. The Museum is delighted to report that the following leading hobbyists have enlisted as representatives from their countries:

  • Juha Airio Finland
  • Richard Borozdin Australia
  • Anders Ericson Sweden (report)
  • Kevin Fenton Ireland
  • Mark Flys Great Britain
  • Rik Hoving The Netherlands
  • K.S. Raman India
  • Francisco Rupp Brasil
  • Joan Olive Sans Spain
  • Zeljko Segin Croatia (report)
  • Seymour Douglass Western Canada (report)

We are pleased to present three reports (October 2002), from Anders, Douglass and Segin.  Thanks to the three of you, and we hope to receive and present more reports in the near future: 

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