smrNmcbm El Matador
Phil Jensen
Bob Paeth

El Matador
by Bob Barnett
To be finished by Rick Harris

Of course, other models are being completed also. One of the most interesting is Bob Barnett's replica of Bill Cushenbery's El Matador. Earlier this year, Rick Harris took on the project of completing this model. You may remember Rick's recent restoration of his Revell-Pactra I Southwest Regional Paint winner '40 Ford featured in a previous issue of The Builder and in the Museum's web page. The El Matador is a difficult piece because the original car was highly detailed, and will require considerable work to complete.

Since Rick enthusiastically embraced this project, he has been talking with three other builders (Cody Grayland, Bob Wick and Mark S. Gustavson) about how to finish the model. The four builders will combine to produce an array of custom-made photoetched and chrome-plated machined parts, for this model. When completed, it will be displayed in the Oakland Roadster Show Diorama. We've decided to retain the services of master machinist Cody Grayland and artist Bob Wick to produce the following machined and photo etched parts:

  • Four wheels (machined by Grayland, and then chrome plated by Mark S. Gustavson);
  • Front and rear bumpers (To be cast in brass, plated by Gustavson);
  • Front grille work, (Harris to make pattern, Gustavson to hammer from brass and chrome plate. Wick to do photo etch insert);
  • Headlight surround and inset screen (Harris makes pattern then reproduced by Grayland, photo etched insert by Wick);
  • Cibie headlight buckets, lenses/inserts (Buckets and lenses will be machined by Grayland; plated by Gustavson);
  • Windshield surround (Harris makes a pattern, Gustavson reproduces in brass and then chrome plates);
  • Backlight surround (Harris makes a pattern, Gustavson reproduces and chrome plates);
  • Steering column (Machined by Grayland, plated by Gustavson); 
  • Dash bezels in front of driver and passenger (Grayland to machine, Gustavson to plate);
  • Speedometer in center of console (machined by Grayland, plated by Gustavson); and
  • Taillight lenses (machined from clear red plexy by Grayland) to fit into brass taillight insert "tubes."

Probably the most famous of Bob's models is his replica of Cushenberry's El Matador. Bob labored hard over this difficult-to-replicate vehicle (many have tried, few have succeeded).

Rear view of The Matador.

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