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The Tri-State Scale Model Car Club is very pleased to announce a new program to benefit the model car hobby. With NNL East™ 15, we kick off the "Grow The Hobby Fund".

A while back, our members had a philosophical conversation about the future of our hobby. At the time, it seemed that some of the older, established shows were falling by the wayside. This happens as club and personal circumstances change. Events will come and they will go. Then we came to the big question, "Where do the new shows and events come from?" 

As the organizers of NNL East™, we remember the days of establishing the show. There were tough times! A group of members put their own money on the line, hoping that the show would be successful enough to be repaid. As we speak to people around the country, we have found this to be the norm. As an established club, how could we ease this process? How could we help grow the hobby?

Our thoughts went further. What more is needed in the hobby? First, we feel that to know where we are going, we need to know where we are coming from. That is, recording and preserving the history of the model car hobby. The very cornerstone of our program had to be supporting the International Model Car Builder's Museum.

To preserve the hobby for future generations to enjoy, we saw a need to introduce our craft to youngsters of all ages. Remember, most of us started building model cars as kids. How can we foster growth in this area?

The Tri-State Scale Model Car Club has been very fortunate. We are the organizers of NNL East™, which has developed into a very successful and important event for the hobby. Each year, no matter how closely we budget, there is a small surplus of funds derived from the show. We are a not for profit organization. We feel that it is only fair that we share this with our friends and associates, doing whatever good we can for hobbyists around the world. 

With no further ado, The Tri-State Scale Model Car Club is pleased and proud to announce the "Grow The Hobby Fund". The fund will do the following for the hobby:

Support the International Model Car Builder's Museum. The TSSMCC hereby pledges that $1 from every paid admission to NNL East™ will be donated to this organization. We have quietly supported the museum with such donations over the last several years. With this proclamation, we officially challenge ALL club sponsored shows and events to match our effort. Our hope is to establish a year round income for the museum. If this challenge is met, the museum trustees can go about the very important work of preserving the history of our hobby with proper funding.

Support model car shows and grass root efforts. The TSSMCC feels that it's very important to support existing model car shows and to assist new shows that are just getting off the ground. We will provide sponsorship to all legitimate not for profit organizations in their efforts to host a hobby event. We will sponsor a class of trophies or a special award for any event that requests the same on their letterhead. We will offer further assistance, if requested, as approved by the Grow The Hobby committee. We will offer advice and share our experience with all who ask.

Support youth growth in the hobby. The TSSMCC has a successful youth program that we have run for several years. In conjunction with a local church, we host a model building day for a youth group. The event introduces the model car hobby to over 60 kids annually and is enthusiastically received. Each participant leaves with a model car they have built and a big smile. This event is sponsored by the fund.

At NNL East™, each junior entrant will receive a model related gift from the TSSMCC at the conclusion of the awards ceremony. We do want to encourage their continued participation!

Please note that no organization, club or show name that has benefited from the Grow The Hobby Fund will be used in any way to promote TSSMCC, NNL East or the Grow The Hobby Fund. This is just our special way of sharing the favor and good fortune that the hobby has bestowed on us to everyone, everywhere.

To learn more about the fund or to request sponsorships for your club sponsored event, please contact Tom Geiger.


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