April 2006
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Quarter Scale Chevy Engine Donation

In the late Fifties, Revell tooled up a quarter-scale small block Chevy engine kit complete down to the most minute details. Following a presentation to General Motors, the manufacturing giant turned down any interest in underwriting or promoting the kit, and the half-dozen parts sets, including the presentation boards, disappeared. Fast forward to September 2010 when I received a call from Colorado resident Don Hollensen who indicated that his modeling buddy, John Lunger, had chased down a puzzling note on their local Craig's List for a long-lost large scale Revell Chevy engine kit. Both Don and John went to see the parts – on sale by the son of Revell engineer Lonnie Flanders who had recently passed away. Don instantly knew what he was looking at having remembered a late Sixties article by former Revell employee Jim Keeler. 

After some quick conversations between me, John and Don, and Jim Keeler, Don and John went back to the seller's home and bought everything in sight at considerable personal expense. Just a couple of weeks later, they took a long road trip to the Museum (suffering a mechanical breakdown in their van on the way), and dropped off a jaw-dropping collection of parts for the rarest kit in the history of our hobby. Check out the following pics, and wait for a great feature story in the next issue of The Builder following a major article that will appear in Model Cars Magazine sometime in 2011. 

The Museum expresses, again, its greatest appreciation to the incredible thoughtful generosity of Don and John. 


Here's the earliest pic e-mailed to the Museum, showing John (L) and Don excitedly displaying the vintage GM display board as well the many dozens of engine parts in the foreground.


These engine kits were accurate and complete down to crankshaft bearings and head gaskets.


The heavy aluminum display board will be need to be restored with the once-displayed parts and printed tags.


Check out the array of parts!


There are enough parts to assemble three complete Chevy engine kits, meaning that the Museum has at least of the original prototype parts run.


Once at the Museum, John and Don were proud to display their great discovery. All of the loose parts acquired had been bagged according to their type.


The short block is exquisite. The correct firing order was modeled.


The underside of the cylinder head is absolutely factory-authentic.


Several hundred parts have been catalogued and bagged for eventual assembly.


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