April 2006
New Stuff
1/4 Scale Engine
Donations & Aquisitions
By donation, the Museum has recently acquired a nicely built up Monogram 1/8 Big Tub. Rare by any measure, this model just needs to be cleaned up and reassembled. More on this later . . .

Surprisingly, several "Korris Kars" kits popped up on Ebay recently. Here's on: an accessory kit that is a curious mixture of crude parts (really awful wheels and tires) with what appears to be duplications of early Sixties Johan customizing parts (slanted antenna, inaccurate spotlights, goof ball chrome appliques). 

We have managed to acquire a few vintage built-up customs. This Buick is typical of its era – pasted on Conny kit, rear quarter panel rocket tubes, Landau top and other details from the early Sixties. This model is off to noted Museum restorer Bill Taylor for cleanup. 

Historic model builder Bill Maunder (check out October '63 issue of Model Car Science) donated this deeply channeled '40 Ford that he built in 1962. The paint is original and the model is in great condition!

This vintage '32 Ford roadster – built from the original AMT kit – has also been received by donation. This model is particularly well done but is very dirty. It's also off to Bill Taylor's shop for cleanup.

John Antczak donated some materials on the ERTL Replica Series Collector's Club. This Club was previously unknown to the Museum.

John contributed a full set of items from the poster to letter, certificate, handbook and dealer sheets. 

Cuyler Ota donated a Revell-Pactra II sticker, an AMT '27 T double kit, and his trophy from the Revell-Pactra I contest.  (no photo)

Richard Jaramusik donated a box full of information on Craig Breedlove, including some information on models of Breedlove's cars. (no photo)

Previously, Pryor Passarino donated an old AutoWorld Auto Cutter. 

This remarkably complete set up is nostalgic. Wonder how many of us enveloped ourselves in fumes. Check out the instruction booklet, the mailing box, decal and the order blank that accompanied the cutter itself.


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