April 2006
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Bob Henninger

Another Historic Modeler Revealed – Bob Henninger

David Quick, a Museum member, picked up an incredible array of vintage trophies and the model of a previously-unknown – but apparently highly skilled and successful builder by the name of Bob Henninger who lived in California. Dave is doing some additional research into this monumental discovery. Can any of you provide any information on Bob? Does the surviving body of one of his missing models help? The contests in which Bob apparently did so well will be covered in the introductory chapter to our book on the Revell-Pactra and Revell-Testor contests. 

Thanks, David, for your great find and terrific generosity!

This full custom – apparently based upon an AMT 1961 T-Bird – is wild but nothing remains except the body.  Check out the 1963 Revell trophy that demonstrates that the company was active in contests before the legendary Revell-Pactra/Testor series began. 
Russcraft was a slot car racing manufacturer. The company was involved in sponsoring static model contests, though, in 1962. There are five vintage trophies that came with this remarkable package from Dave Quick.
Here's a better view of the Revell trophy. The gold-colored pieces here aren't gold-vac plated plastic but are, rather, electroplated potmetal. Check out the great condition of this trophy.



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