April 2006
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1/4 Scale Engine

2007 Acquisitions

The Museum is very fortunate to enjoy the generosity of a couple of supporters who regularly acquire rare items for our displays, for books we've underway, or other items of interest. Check out these recently-acquired items:


This incredibly well-constructed 1925 T Ford model competed on the West Coast in the Revell-Pactra II contest.  It was acquired through an Ebay auction. Built from the old AMT kit, the build quality is superb. The paint is excellent, and the assembly is nearly antiseptic.

25 FORD5

Check out the chemical interaction between the old Revell parts pak tires and Revell tires. Astonishing, eh?  Museum researchers Rex Barden and Randy Vandraiss will be doing research in the old magazines for any hint of this model. The Ebay vendor said this model was built by someone by the name of "L.J. Northcote ," from Hacienda, California. Anyone have any information about this builder?


The engine detailing is unusually sophisticated for the mid-Sixties. This model is unrestored!

Research is underway, and watch for an article in the next issue. Does anyone recognize this model or can identify the builder?


Trustees Alan Raab and Mark S. Gustavson have been buying vintage modeling magazines, regardless of their subject matter. Check out these issues of the Model Maker from the late Thirties!


 Occasionally, Roth/Testor bottle paints become available. A donor acquired this complete box of Roth Gold Underbase which will join many other Roth items in a special display.


Though the Museum doesn't collect vintage unbuilt kits as part of our charter, Trustee Alan Raab found and donated this exceedingly rare "Advanced Styling" Studebaker kit as well as other equally scarce items. 


This nearly-mint Revell-Textor II trophy was also sourced through a lucky Ebay auction. The car featured at the top is a good replica of Richard Mike Johnson's Pegasus that won the top adult award at the Revell-Pactra II contest in 1963.


One of our publically-anonymous donors (though known to the Museum) acquired this vintage Revell shipping box filled with Revell Corvette parts pack frames. All but one of the kits was mint, and one was sent to Alan Raab for his replica of Chuck Jones' famed bubble-top custom.


Though little known these days, the aftermarket company Monte not only made upholstery kits but also custom body parts. These two very rare kits were contributed by one of our donors.


The International Association of Automotive Modelers was probably the first significant model car associations, originally based in Long Beach California. Focused on high-end building, the IAAM had a national image and individual clubs also had decals. These were purchased from Ron Merkel – a name in the hobby known to older builders.


This photo of three unidentified factory modelers admiring styling study models was acquired through an Ebay auction. We don't think the models represent any vintage Ford or GM designs from the early Fifties. Can anyone identify the people or the styling studio? 


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